Thursday, 2 August 2012

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Writer - Cullen Bunn
Artist - Dalibor Talajic
Colourist - Lee Loughridge
Letterer - Joe Sabino
Cover - Kaare Andrews
Publisher - Marvel

This isn't the kind of comic I would normally pick up for myself, but as MrGiantwoman is something of a Deadpool fanboy, it seemed only right that I give it a read too. Luckily, I have learnt to turn my brain off before opening a Deadpool title, regardless of who has written it or what it is about. This title is no exception to that rule!

Part one of a four part series, it does exactly what you can expect from the title. We open with our protagonist wreaking havoc on the Famous Four in his usual understated style, seven pages of gore and quips only slightly marred by the portrayal of Sue Richards that harks back more to the bad old days of the 90s than he more recent First Woman of comics persona, but that is a minor quibble from my inner feminist.

We are then treated to a bit more exposition from the Watcher, who luckily informed us before the proceedings opened that this is all occurring in a parallel universe, so as not to cause any confusion with the (seemingly eternally) ongoing Avengers vs X-Men shenanigans. It seems the X-Men have finally given up hope on poor old Wade, and have delivered him in to the hands of a progressive medic who claims he can "rehabilitate" our unhinged friend. Well, I figured I could see where this one was going, but Bunn manages to throw in a curveball in the form of Psycho Man, who - after even more verbal sparring - thinks he has the better of 'Pool. Silly Psycho Man. The voices in Deadpools head (slightly confusing for one such as myself that have not read that much of his previous exploits, but easily identified through liberal used of various coloured speech boxes) have themselves a little party, then we get back to business; bloody, murderous rampage!

Sadly the story gets a bit confused by itself at the end of this first issue, because a character that was alive at the start then meets his maker by the end, an event that happened before the book began. Confused? So was Bunn apparently. Still, having turned my brain off I wasn't overly concerned, because it plays for laughs and lives up to the lovely parental warning on the front cover.

The artwork is fairly decent, given that a few major players make appearances, and the colouring suits the tone. It's all a bit mad and unhinged. As it should be.

This is not a comic to pick up if you are looking for something cerebral, but for a fun diversion from reality Deadpool Kills... ticks all the boxes.

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