Thursday, 31 January 2013

A missive to Marvel: Captain Marvel

Dear Marvel,

I have recently heard rumours, via the entertainment website, that ‘Captain Marvel’ was facing cancellation, due to its falling below the so-called “kill line” of 20,000 or more sales.

As a female reader (yes, sorry, but I am going to play the gender card) it is not often that I come across a strong character that I can identify with. Carol Danvers is one of those few and far between ladies, she is strong when she needs to be, but human enough for us readers to empathise with her. Not that I need to be telling you that of course, you’re the marvellous folks who saw the vision Kelly Sue DeConnick had, and chose to give her the chance to bring that vision to life.

The humanity that Kelly Sue shows within Captain Marvel, and the way that the character is drawn by the highly talented Dexter Soy, make Captain Marvel one of the top books on my pull list, and the weeks it comes out are a joy, seeing the online love for the character and the book pouring out on Twitter and Facebook.

I for one would be very sad to see Captain Marvel dropped, not least because it would mean one less book I could recommend towards friends who do not currently read comics, especially female friends.

Kind regards

Sarah Bell

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