Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pull list 30/5/13 - the "delayed because of another bank holiday" edition

Thanks to a combination of the bank holiday and my lcs having the worst courier company in the world, this weeks book have been delayed by a day.

The entire world seems to be looking forward to the new Brain Wood take on the (all female) X-Men, but I will be totally honest and admit I am only getting it to make sure that my run of Skottie Young baby variant covers is complete! If I enjoy the first issue then I'll pick up the first trade when it comes out, but I'm not going in with any expectations.

On with the list then...

Dark Horse:

Dragon Age Until We Sleep #3


Justice League Of America #4 


Danger Girl Trinity #2 
My Little Pony Micro-Series #4 Fluttershy 


Lost Vegas #3 e
Mind The Gap #10 
Thief Of Thieves #14


X-Men #1 - Skottie Young Baby Cover

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