Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Transfusion: Vampires versus robots #1

Transfusion: vampires versus robots
Writer - Steve Niles
Art - Menton3
Publisher - IDW

Despite the ridiculous subtitle of this book, I picked it up, almost entirely because the artwork is by the bizarrely named Menton3, often touted by Steve of Talking Comics fame, therefore worth a shot. I have to say, Steve is right about Menton3; his art is haunting, terrifying, beautiful and obscene. Like nothing else I've seen in popular press, the subdued palette he uses only serves to accentuate the lines of his haunting figures, refugees hiding in shadows and grotesque robots stalking a ruined Earth.

The story itself develops slowly across the course of this first issue, but gives just enough storyline and human interest to make me want to pick up the next. We are given a quick summation of how the world came to be as it is at the start of the story, and are then dropped straight in to the 'action'. I have to add those quotation marks, as one of the features that appeals to me about this book is the calm, almost placid way the images are presented, even when showing scenes of graphic horror and death.

I will certainly be looking out for future books in this series, as despite the strange, almost silly premise, as a first issue this book gave me a lot more than I was expecting.

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