Friday, 14 December 2012

Best of 2012

So, it is around the time of the year when people start looking back at what has gone in the past twelve months or so, and compile lists of their favourite music/books/films/etc. In my case, in order to compare with those of MrGiantwoman and the lovely Bob Reyer of Talking Comics, I have dutifully compiled several lists of comic books, writers and artists that have caught my eye, piqued my interest and generally worked their way in to my heart and mind this past year.

Some categories have gotten five or six entrants, some have just got the one. This is partly because some of the entrants were out and out favourites of my year, and partly because there were some books that were just too good to miss out on putting in. It may also have something to do with me being indecisive, but I'm blaming in on there just being so many great books out in 2012

I've listed my current "best of" list below, and will try and go in to more details on several of the books over the course of the next week or so, as some of these are absolute corkers that shouldn't be missed.

So, without further ado the lists:

Best continuing series:

Mind The Gap
Captain Marvel
Thief of Thieves

Best limited or mini-series:

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
New Deadwardians
Hit Girl

Best single issue or one shot:

Iron Muslim
A Babies Vs X-Babies
Halloween Eve
Amazing Spider-Man #698

Best story arc:

Death of Peter Parker (ASM #698-700)
Intimate Strangers (Mind The Gap #1-6)
Prince of Thieves (Fairest #1-6)

Best Writer:

Jim McCann
Brian K Vaughan
Brian Wood
Bill Willingham

Best Artist:

Rodin Esquejo
Skottie Young
Fiona Staples
Koray Kuranel (Point of Impact)

Best Cover:

Fairest #3, #8
Anything from Mind The Gap!
Before Watchmen #2
Revival #3
IT Girl and the Atomics #1 (standard cover)
Lady Mechanika #1

Best Humour:

A Babies Vs X-Babies
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Deadpool (Marvel NOW)

Best Anthology:


Best kids/young readers:

A Babies Vs X-Babies

Have I missed anything? Have I included something you think I shouldn't have? Let me know in the comments, I'm always open to new reading suggestions.

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